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Double Exposed is a collaborative project between photographers Laura Kurtenbach and Brian McGloin and involves each photographer shooting multiple rolls of film to then be double exposed by the other. Some were shot pre-pandemic, some are during the pandemic and the mix of the two is where time really becomes apparent and a critical aspect of the project. This work is spontaneous in ways and any plans or relationships in images can not be ensured, though with critical eyes and both a documentary and fine art perspective, what is revealed with the overlap is exciting. The images are a direct reflection of time passing in multiple ways; in two separate shootings, in two photographer’s thought processes and in the way frames overlap or even create almost panoramic images when frame breaks are not seen.
The project is a way to collaborate in a socially distant manner to visually communicate the chaotic time we are all still living through. It is a way to process it all and allow us to connect, to share, to reveal the tension, dissonance, our shared human condition and see our changing world in a new way.