The LightBox Members Exhibit 2022: "My Self Image"

July 09, 2022

The LightBox Members Exhibit 2022

The LightBox Summer Members Exhibit is open and on the walls of the gallery!

JULY 09 - AUGUST 06, 2022

My Self Image

The Show is entitled My Self Image. That could be a self portrait or some semblance of it or it could be something that tells us who you are without showing us who you are at all. The interpretation is up to you, a call for one image of your choosing, My Self Image. 

Thank you to the LightBox Members participating in My Self Image

Angel O’Brien • Cecily Marie Cacau • Dave Schaerer • Douglas King
Jane Allyn • Jim Fitzgerald • John Ritchie • Julie Moore
June Reyla • Kathy Radie • Larry Bullis • Laura Kurtenbach
Martha Clarkson • Michelle Swanson • Rebecca Akporiaye • Ronald Butler
Sandy Brown Jensen • Steven Goldberg • Terry Thompson • Walt O’Brien