Lightbox Photographic Gallery - Members Exhibition

July 16, 2019

Lightbox Photographic Gallery - Members Exhibition


July 13, 2019 through August 06, 2019

Members Summer Showcase


Please join us from 5 -8 pm Saturday July 13th for the
Opening Artists Reception of The Members Summer Showcase.

On Saturday, July 13th LightBox will host a Photographers Salon for all of our Members from 12 – 5pm.
We thank our LightBox Members for the support and for the community interest which allows us to continue on our mission.
We have opened the walls of the gallery to the members for the Month of July.

Thank You to the LightBox Members contributing work to this exhibit

Mike Demkowicz • Robert DiFranco • Eddie Greenly • George Johnson
Joni Kabana • Peter Karnig • Ann Kendellen • Laura Kurtenbach
Julie Moore • Walt O`Brien • Michael Puff • David Schaerer • Jon Lingel
Kathleen & Terry Thompson • Mickey Anderson • RL Potts • Sam Blair
Eleanor Gorman • Jim Congleton • Roger Dorband • Jim Fitzgerald
Rich Bergeman • Friderike Heuer • Ken Hochfeld • Bob Levine
Donald MacDonald • Jody Miller • Chester Ng • John Ritchie
Denise Ross • Rachel Wolf • David White • Byron Will • June S. Reyla
George Willse • Mark Wiltrakis • Ryan Gillespie • Logan Clark