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Nature’s ability to adapt is truly amazing. Man, as part of nature, also adapts and we can choose to adapt to live harmoniously with nature, or we can choose to live in opposition to nature. In this body of work I seek to investigate the literal and spiritual idea that man is not only one with nature, but also easily adapts to it, we in fact crave nature, it feeds the mind and soul, makes us part of something larger then ourselves and gives us a new perspective of our world.

Since moving to the Pacific Northwest, I have found it easy to adapt and reconnect with nature. The work reveals this connection we all have with nature, the natural struggles all life goes through, growth, aging, death, decay and rebirth. By using traditional processes and layering film negatives together, I’m able to take part in this life cycle. Self portraits are sandwiched with botanicals from the area; both living and growing, dead and decaying, and serves to show the natural progression which will befall us all.