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As I struggle over the course of a year with my second bout of blot clot issues and the medication necessary for treatment, I found myself wanting to document this process of dealing with my own health, aging, and mortality. During this time I continue to feel that I am not myself.

These self-portraits show a part of me, and my relationship with my home, which at 100 years has struggled with time and the natural decline all things in this world suffer, just as I have. My home was my metaphor, but it was also more; my protector, my sanctuary, or perhaps my purgatory. I know now what it means to be trapped in one's own body, trapped in life, trapped in a cycle.

I find this work to be a cathartic experience, a way to work through the changes inherent in my journey through life. I want my work to be an intimate experience for my viewers as they witness these small fragile moments of my personal struggle, they view me, but what I want them to feel is our shared human experience.